professional services in the area of specialised consultancy
and data analysis and processing

QED SYSTEMS a.s. has a track record of providing professional services in the area of specialised consultancy and data analysis and processing, using patented methods such as Sociomapping® and SOMECS – Sociomap-based Models of Economic Systems®. QED SYSTEMS a.s. also co-operates with renowned Czech and international entities. Based on contracts with the holders of the relevant rights, the company is authorised to implement specific operations (including, but not limited to, parameterisation, initial analysis, interpretation of the output and the associated consultancy) with respect to the original, copyrighted and patented “SOMECS – Sociomap-based Models of Economic Systems” method. This method is based on the copyrighted and patented Sociomapping® method and was developed as a set of comprehensive analyses and modelling of economic, production, logistics, supplier and other implementation processes and structures of the market and other elements and systems.

QED SYSTEMS a.s. is currently the only Czech commercial entity in the Czech Republic that is authorised to offer the use of the results of the SOMECS method and SOMECS analyses to its business partners for their internal commercial purposes. This includes primarily analyses, financial and organisational streamlining of their structure, processes, work-flow, funding and an endless list of other aspects associated with any of their business activities. The company provides the above services under the terms and conditions stipulated by the relevant contract with Formuliance B.V. and based on consent granted for each individual case.

Examples of Sociomap visualization

It is also possible to obtain a graphic version of the information in the form of a map for individual levels of data. This map includes information on the cardinal and ordinal aspects of data, the mutual closeness or remoteness of individual elements, their configurations and also on certain qualitative data.

Great emphasis is placed on capturing continuous changes. This means that these maps are more similar to synoptic maps than geographic maps. The possibility of continuous data collection often even allows a short-term forecast of future developments.

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